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Saturday, 27 April 2013


The speakpreneur conference held on the 13th of april, 2013 at sustainabiliti training centre, elephant cement house, alausa ikeja started by 8:34am. The conference hosted 78 participants and 5 facilitators.
The participants range from; undergraduates, fresh graduates, corps members, to intending entrepreneurs.
The facilitators were; Mr. Emmanuel madu Managing director, Diamond Assurance Limited. Mr. folarin Samson Metro editor, punch newspapers. (Representing the senior special assistant to the Governor of Lagos on speech and communications) Mr. Gbubemi Atimomo Managing director, Talent and enterprise managers. Amb. Dominic Biodun  Youth Ambassador. Mrs. Morenike ohenhen Human Resource practitioner.
The conference started with the registration and verification of participants, and by 10:00am, the event kicked off with the national anthem followed by HSE briefing handled by Tolu fawehinmi. The programme initiator; Moses Umoru spoke on the conference objectives and introduced the programme guests and facilitators. He said that the objective of the gathering was to empower all with high impact vocal techniques for success in career and enterprise aspiration, and techniques for effective communication for emerging entrepreneurs and job seekers, among others. The chairman; Mr. Emmanuel Madu, the chairman of the conference, in his opening address, made the participants understand the need for proper communication as a condition for securing opportunities in the corporate world. He said that nobody rewards efforts but result and that all should strive to achieve result from their efforts. He also said that; People cannot succeed in life without effective communication. Effective communication is your ability to identify with people and relate to them in such a way that increases your influence with them. Mr. folarin Samson of the punch newspapers in his presentation on the ABC OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION, said that communication is the life wire of any organization and that one should to express and not to impress. The speaker also stated some steps in developing good communication, which are; engaging in debates, listening to speech made by great speakers, reading of articles, among others. He also said that in the ABC of communication, A is; Accuracy of information, B is; Brevity of the message, and C is; Clarity of the information. Mr. Gbubemi Atimomo in his own presentation on; PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT; A SIN QUA NON FOR CAREER AND ENTERPRISE SUCCESS, said that to succeed, one must constantly be in tandem with the changes in the environment and get the necessary skills to fit in to such environment. He said that other than the ability to do a job, other qualities are usually sought by employers. They are; knowledge and self abilities, communication skills, self confidence, attitude, appearance, past experience, among others. He also stressed the need for a personal SWOT analysis. He also stressed the need for one to posses uncommon skills so as to have competitive advantage over others. The speaker did not fail to stress the importance of categorsing goals into; long term, medium term, and short term, and also map out action plans to achieve them. Ambassador Dominic Odunuga in his presentation; SPEAKING; AN ESSENTIAL SKILL FOR AN ENTREPRENEUR, said that for anyone to succeed as an entrepreneur, one must as a matter of fact be able to properly communicate properly his product or business solution to those that need them. He said that the programme initiator was able to communicate the programme effectively that was why he got interested. So also it is in the corporate world. One has to communicate effectively to win the minds of prospective clients or employees. He quoted the words or Warren Buffet (your ability to convey your ideas to others would be an enormous determinant to your success). Mrs. Morenike Ohenhen in her presentation; SPEAKING AND PACKAGING YOURSELF FOR YOUR DREAM JOB, said proper communication and packaging can earn anybody a good job. In her presentation, she talked about the differences between a CV and a RESUME. she said a RESUME is short and precise, while a CV should contain more details about the owner. She also talked on handling job interviews and body languages during interviews and also the proper dress code for interviews,among others. Mr. Moses Umoru in his short presentation; SOCIAL STRATEGY; KNOWING THE NEXT MAN TO YOU, stressed the need to always know the next person to you in every gathering you may find yourself cause that person might just be the man you would need on your way to the top. He also asked everyone to get up and meet each other.

After each presentation, the audience was thrilled with good live music by; Solomon, John, Michael, and femi.  Certificate of participation were also awarded to participants.

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