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Monday, 26 May 2014

A report of The Speakpreneur Empowerment Conference 2.0. Written by Eromosele Alexander

The Speakpreneur Conference 2.0 organised by the
Speakpreneur team and headed by its CEO Mr Moses Umoru was one which
was aimed at providing and improving  Entrepreneurship, Speaking, and Capacity building skill to
participants of the conference.  The conference which held this year
was actually in its 2nd edition which utilised the expertise of
seasoned corporate trainers and business consultants.  For the purpose
of easy assimilation this report is broken down into 3 parts as a
wholistic summary of the entire event.
(1). Pre- conference interview with delegates.
(2). Lecture sessions with key- note speakers.
(3). Q&A session with invited speakers and interaction with the Press.
(4). Conclusion.

1. Pre- conference interview.
                 At the start of the conference when the delegates
began to arrive they were quizzed to reveal their expectations via
Live coverage on what they hoped to achieve during the course of the
conference and their responses were quite revealing.  Their
expectations could be classified under 3 categories :
(i) Those who wish to gather relevant information and corporate
connection through networking. (ii) Those who wish to acquire certain
requisite skill for entrepreneurial excellence e.g Idea generation,
opportunity identification, Business plan writing e.t.c and. (iii)
Those who came solely to be motivated.

2. Lecture sessions with Key- note speakers
                   Three corporate veterans graced the conference and
were quite articulate as they shared their views and sentiments on key
topics of discourse. Below are summaries of what they shared with
conference delegates.
           FACTS ABOUT TODAY'S OPPORTUNITIES by Johnson Abally
         '' Time and chance(opportunity) will always happen to you.
             You can't control Timing but you can control Time"- Johnson Abally
          Mr Abally exposed  the scale of decay plaguing the
educational sector and attributed this decay beside government under
funding to the stereotypical academic methods and negative approach
as well improper understanding of education by academic institutions
in the country. In his words ''Another reason for failure to grab
opportunities is because We are taught to memorize not think". He also
threw more light on opportunities and time windows and how several
countries of the world particularly in Europe took advantage of the
information age (internet) by training and preparing their Labour
force to meet future technological challenges. Secondly He identified
2 types of people in the streets. He likened ''Esaus" to young people
who posses a strong poverty mentality and want all they need NOW.  He
opined that Esaus can easily compromise and ''only associate with
people they can grab from". Also according to him there exists another
type named ''Jacobians" who forsee future problems and position
themselves to meet the challenge. He also claimed that Jacobians
prefer wisdom over money because they know the value of knowledge. In
his very own words hr said '' Jacobians will rather grind for it than
beg for it". Finally he advises delegates to master their fears and
locate their centre (talent). In all He was articulate, educative and
at times philosophical.

     IDEAS AND FINANCE by Mr Emmanuel Madu.
              In his short expose He threw light on what ideas were
and how valuable and important they were to success. He emphasised
ideas over skill because according to Him ''Bright ideas will sell you
and give you a competitive edge over others". More importantly He
insisted that however bright an idea, for it to work it must be
implemented and for big ideas to work one must ''interact with people,
network and think out of the box".

          WRITING A BUSINESS PLAN by Mrs Morenike Ohenhen
             This speaker taught delegates about the importance of
business plans and why a business plan is needed for the successful
implementation of a business idea. She also took time to give examples
of how business plan can be drawn up and its relevant structures and

3. Q&A session with invited speakers and interactions with the Press.
            Interviews were conducted with the invited speakers by a
panel which afforded delegates the opportunity to engage them on
topical issues of importance to the youths, the economy as well as
opportunities for the future. Here are some extractive summaries

Q. Are there really jobs and employable people in Nigeria?
A. Only a few people are employable because of falling educational
standards - Mrs Ohenhen.

Q. Is the Government responsible for our economic predicament?
A. Yes because the government has certain responsibilities to the
masses which they have failed to live up to and No because the youths
of today are lazy and have failed to improve themselves - Mr Madu

Q.How to locate opportunities and get prepared for them?
A. Identify those fields or career of interests and improve needed
skill- Mr Abally

Q. Take home word?
A. ''Success is colour blind. If you work hard success will come to
you. You have the power to set your own price"- Mr Abally
A. '' Develop yourself, nobody will blame you for the problems of
today but they will if you dont stand up"- Mrs Ohenhen.
A. ''Look inwards, interact with people, develop knowledge base and
have mentors"- Mr Madu.

         Above all the management team of the Speakpreneur Conference
2.0 should be commended for generating the idea, the mode and manner
the event was structured and organized and above all the quality of
delivery in general. Their ability to attract experienced resource
personalities who knew what they were talking about was quite
commendable. Also the interactive sessions with the press was quite
innovative and reeked of originality which leaves one to wonder: ''If
they could attract such world class speakers to the Speakpreneur.
Conference 2.0, who knows the quality of speakers who shall be gracing
Speakpreneur 10.0? Barack Obama perhaps
Mr. Moses and Mr. Johnson Abbaly

Mr. Moses delivering his opening remarks

A cross section of participants

Mr. Emmanuel Madu(Group Ensia) Mrs.Morenike(Flint Resources) and Mr. Johnson Abbaly(The Motivational Centre) during the press conference

Omolayo(project fame 6.0) and Chisom thrilling the audience to good music

Mr. Moses(Convener) Mrs. Morenike(flint resources) and Mr. Kariola( Head content speakpreneur concept) 

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