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Saturday, 28 November 2015

GEW 2015 REPORT. Written by: Samson Uwada and Mary Temidayo.

he 2015 edition of the Global entrepreneurship Week (GEW) tagged The Celebration of Enterprise and Entrepreneurial People was held in about 125 countries across the world including Nigeria from the 16th – 21st November, 2015.
According to a document released for the GEW, the week-long event is reported to be the largest celebration of innovators and job creators who launch startups; bring ideas to life; drive economic growth and expand human welfare.
However, Speakpreneur Concepts, one of the partner members of the GEW in Nigeria participated in the entrepreneurship festival. Fourteen (14) delegates participated in the GEW events as members of the Speakpreneur Concept team.
As the program kick-started on Monday, delegates of the Speakpreneur, in line with the theme of this year’s GEW, paid a visit to Forthright Group of Companies in Ikeja for an interactive session with the Group Chairman, Mr. Johnson  Teniola Faromoju and the Managing Director, Mr. Bode Ashogbon primarily to celebrate them as successful entrepreneurs as well as to glean from their success story.
During the session with Mr. Faromoju, he clearly stated that "knowing one’s purpose for existence as well as constantly seeking information is an important factor for being a successful entrepreneur". He told the Speakpreneur delegates'  that ignorance is the basic problem with the average Nigerian youth, stating that "Whatever is difficult for an individual is what he has limited knowledge about". Also, whatever an individual needs to succeed is around him, and all he has to do is to see a potential in everything around”, he expressed.
Mr. Ashogbon on the other stresses the need for clear vision and integrity as strong success factors in life's aspirations. According to him, “the most important capital for any entrepreneur is INTEGRITY CAPITAL", once that is lost then all is lost too”, he said. He also stressed the need for reading and seeking knowledge.  He said "instead of using drugs to enhance boldness, use a book" a man that has knowledge, has power.    
On Wednesday which was the 3rd day of the GEW and day 2 for the Speakpreneur Team, the delegates were at ASBON (Association of Small Business Owners of Nigeria) in Ikeja where they met with the President, Dr. Femi Egbesola and other top ranking officials of the association. Dr. Egbesola exposed the Speakpreneur Team to all their activities and prospects. He stated that the association focuses on the development of  SME's in the areas of finance, marketing, branding, and access to the international market.  A hand of partnership was also extended by ASBON’s President to Speakpreneur Concept which entails skill acquisition and capacity building.
At day 4 which was Thursday of the GEW, the Speakpreneur Team took the celebration to the Island at Topnotch properties Limited where the CEO, Prince Mogaji Albashir Bola was on hand to receive them. He led them through the nitty-gritty of the property aspect of business and entrepreneurship. He stated that the business of property is the most lucrative business and anyone can invest in it no matter how small. He also stated that most Nigerian youths live false lives and are not ready to start small and grow with their ideas.
For the Speakpreneur team, day 6 which was also the grand finale of the Global Entrepreneurship Week was full of merriment and an inspiring time-out with Mr. Johnson Abbaly, one of the Speakpreneur faculty members in his Ikorodu residence.
Mr. Abbaly in his address on the Power of SMEs in a Developing Economy spoke extensively on the areas of entrepreneurship, youth capacity building and public speaking. According to him, “entrepreneurship is a journey, not a destination. In this journey you don’t fail, you only discover new things”, he also gave a clear distinction between entrepreneurship and small business. He said" an entrepreneur focuses on solving problems and the more problems he solves, the more money he makes but the small business man focuses on the money and can cut corners for it". He stated that why business fail in Nigeria is because the average Nigerian business man does business like he is in New York. He therefore stated the need to study the environment of business before starting.

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