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Wednesday, 7 December 2016


Chimezie also known as chimex is a 24 years old actor, singer and dancer who has a huge passion for acting; born in Lagos state, the Imo state origin had his primary education in Lagos state before moving to Abuja with his mother and a few other siblings. He started acting as a child when he took up the role for an absent member of a drama group in church that he was not part of, after a very thrilling performance and much appreciation from the church and drama members; he decided to join the group.  He has been acting since that time till now but majorly on theater.

He's advent to screen came to light during and after the popular Nigerian TV show ‘The
Next Movie Star’ in 2013 when he emerged the fourth runner up amongst the final top nine. The show was followed by a block buster movie ‘learning curves’ produced by Ndu Scott and directed by Chris Ode in the same year.  Chimezie has starred in several movies and TV shows over the past few years.

In 2014, he starred in another block buster movie titled ‘Nne’ where he featured with several other stars of Nollywood. The young entertainer is also a student of applied ecology at The Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi; and according to him it’s never really been easy combining the both to fit perfectly owing to the fact that the school is located in the northern part of the country while the heart of Nollywood is usually in the south.
He has also featured in several short movies like ‘Aviation man’ which was released in 2013, more of Chimezie is expected from his fan as he revealed that he will be appearing in several TV shows not released yet. In 2016, he was also featured in two block buster movies, Kumbaya the Musical Movie and Mustapha.

Mustapha is a story about a young Hausa boy who was awarded a scholarship to study in University in Lagos state, Mustapha was tagged a ‘boko haramist’ because of his religion and personal values. It brings to light the stereotyping against the Islamic religion as being a religion of violence instead of peace. The movie was produced and directed by Umani Elijah and was released on September 2016.

WRITTEN BY Michael Isaac( Speakpreneur Content) 


  1. Quite impressive Chimex, keep getting better and going higher. You're the real deal bro

  2. Looking forward to seeing Chimex become an A-list actor very soon. Great job man